Fake Valet Steals Man’s Car Outside Of Rice Apartments

HOUSTON, TX — A Houston area man who thought he was handing his keys to a valet, found out hours later that his car had been stolen.

The theft happened in front of The Rice Apartments on Texas Avenue in downtown on Monday morning.

Bhoumin Mehta pulled up to the Rice at about 7 a.m., as is his normal routine, and handed his keys to the man standing at the valet podium and walked across the street to work.

At was all routine.

But when Mehta returned for his 2011 Toyota Camry several hours later, he was told the valet wasn’t a valet, and his car had been stolen, KTRK reported.

Even though The Rice reported the incident and police were already investigating the theft, Mehta was understandably angry.

Waves Valet, which provides the service, limits liability in cases like these, leaving Mehta to seek legal options, KHOU reported.

In a statement, The Rice Apartments said:

"We are looking into the incident with the valet company and cooperating with the police investigation."

Meanwhile, police are looking for a white male, about 5-feet 8-inches tall and 190 pounds, who was dressed in black and driving a 2011 silver Toyota Camry.

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